November 22


5 Steps to Perfect Wedding Photos

Even if the thought of having a camera follow you around all makes you cringe.

In this post I am going to briefly give you 5 strategies to show you how you can get wedding photos that you love, ones that will make you light up every time you look at them, even if you hate having you photo taken.

You can find my full guide here

So lets start.......


  • Clarify what you want.
  • Intention - it is critical to know why you want wedding photos. Do you want a few snapshots for social media? or do you want the photos displayed in an album or in your home as wall art, or maybe even both.
  • Trust - you need to be able to trust your photographer to do his job. Allow plenty of time for the group shots, and let your photographer do his/her thing. Check out Find out More for more info on this.
  • Wedding photography is about those unique moments. Its about reliving your day, and its about smiling at moments you didn't even know happened, and seeing the emotion and happiness on the faces of your friends and family.
  • Prepare for Success
  • I mentioned group shots above, and the best way to do this is to enlist the help of a key family members/brides maids/groomsmen to round up the guests as they will know who is who.
  • You should prepare a list of who is to be in the group shots, and with this sort of planning the group shots will be done without any hassle and nobody will have been missed out.
  • Allow enough time.
  • Knowing your intention, such as do you want an album telling your story of the day? Then let your photographer have enough time to capture the bridal prep, pre and post ceremony moments and celebrations, the drinks reception and the dancing, and all the little interactions in between.
  • Your photographer will be getting photos of all those intimate moments that happen between you and your partner, your friends and family.
  • Let your photographer have time to refresh. He/she will need to your photographer's day is as long as yours.
  • Have fun & Enjoy yourself.
  • This is most probably the hardest of all to do, but the key is not to sweat the small stuff.
  • You will have planned the day, produced a timeline, so that all the people involved know when everything is going to happen, such as the venue organisers, the timing of the wedding breakfast, the wedding ceremony etc.
  • Even if something goes awry, if you have left flexibility in your timeline then no worries, it's not a disaster at all, and frankly I doubt your friends and family will notice, as they will just be having fun.
  • Let your photographer help you keep on schedule and let him/her do what they do best. Don't micro manage them, let them choose the locations angles poses as this is what you are paying them for.
  • And try to forget about the camera and don't always look at the camera, let them capture those lovely intimate moments.
  • Choose the right photographer for you.
  • Finding the right photographer for you is an important choice to make.
  • The right photographer will want to understand what you want from the day, what sort of photos you like, how many group shots and they will be with you all day long so it is critical that you like each other.
  • So take your time in choosing your photographer.
  • You must trust that they will get the photos you want, and you must get on as they will not be far from you for the whole day.

I said this was my BRIEF version of my full guide. Click here for the full version.

Please leave any comments below, and please add any suggestions that you may have.

By Chris Hobson

November 22, 2018

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Chris Hobson

About the author

My passion is wedding photography, and I am also a traveller to Australia which I have visited many times. In my spare time I support a charity called Hockey for Heroes for whom I have taken thousands of pictures over the years

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