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How to look amazing in your wedding photos.

You want to look amazing in your wedding photos, don't you?

When you read all the advice about weddings online, this question is one of the most asked by brides to be.

Well I'm not surprised by this as you have spent so much time and money planning your day, and the last thing you want is not to look good in the photos.

Well how do you achieve this?


Try practicing poses in front of the mirror

Really, you are saying? Yes really. Practice your smile; find your best angles; practice your head tilt. Do you know your "best side". Yep I'm sure you do as we all have our best sides.

Your makeup will need to be a bit heavier than usual

You'll want to look flawless and natural light as well as flash can be a bit harsh. This is where your makeup artist can help you, as she will have made up dozens of brides and will know what works best. You are paying good money for her services so take her advice.

Make sure one of your bridesmaids is carrying some makeup for a bit of fixing throughout the day.

Strike a pose (but not always)

Striking a pose is great as it can remove the double chin effect; your photographer will ask you to tilt your head slightly to the side and shoot from eye level;  if you "pop" your hip and bend your leg it creates a slight curve to the body; don't leave your hands flat by your side; bend them slightly, hold your bouquet, hold hands.

But remember your photographer is going to do his best to make sure that the photos he takes will be flattering and his goal is to make you look amazing in all the photos.

Smile smile and have fun

Smiling is so important. when you look at a picture and you see people smiling, what happens? You smile. It lifts you, you feel better, and I can tell you from experience that smiling can make a photo a million time better.

Be in the moment

Laugh, smile and chat to people. Ignore the camera and the photographer as he will be clicking all day long and those natural photos make some of the best photos of your day.

Check out my guide - 5 steps to perfect wedding photos

By Chris Hobson

January 1, 2019

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Chris Hobson

About the author

My passion is wedding photography, and I am also a traveller to Australia which I have visited many times. In my spare time I support a charity called Hockey for Heroes for whom I have taken thousands of pictures over the years

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