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Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire

'If you fail to plan then you plan to fail...'

This is one of those great expressions in life, but what does it mean to you, the happy couple?

Well it means this.

Weddings take a HUGE amount of organising. We want you to know that once you book us we become part of your team that you do not need to worry about.

We don't leave things in our control to chance. 

What do we mean?  Starting with, there are two of us. Two shooters so support and back up for one another...we are a small team of two! We have two cameras each, extra memory cards and batteries and so in the event one failed there will always be a backup. We also both drive so we get to each of you independently on your day. Should we break down we have RAC cover...but we can still get from A to B together.

Once you book us we look at how long it will take for us to get to you and your venues. If it is some distance from us  we book into a local hotel. We will not be late! 

We aim to meet you before your big day so we can discuss just what you would like and want. 

Yes, we do those group photos but who gets everyone you want in the picture when you want them without all 'hanging around' waiting for that one last cousin or friend? So we get someone nominated to help(best man, chief bridesmaid or family friend- mainly someone who knows everyone in the group shots)...and it works! 

You then get great pictures whilst everyone is happy and laughing and not moaning about 'that one' who is never on time!

We keep a record of those pictures you want so they don't get forgotten or missed.

We spoke to a bride last week who said her pictures had been a disaster. She didn't get any of those she wanted and realised it was because there were no plans in place and the photographer she had used really didn't get it right or seem to care. 

Well WE CARE….a lot.  We care massively that we will create those memories that last a lifetime for you....and that they are the memories you want.

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We look at your venue to see what will work for the photographs that YOU will love forever. So that means the light, the terrain, the foliage, the backdrop all those little details.

Now we can't control the weather...so we look indoors and out. We also have some lovely white umbrellas which give wonderful diffuse light whilst keeping you dry. We just get wet!

On your big day you each get a photographer for your “getting ready”. By meeting in advance we work to the best dynamics for us all. We aim that one of us will be at the church/venue before either party arrives...so we can photograph you getting there and guests arriving! 

Thank goodness we did this as on one day the bride's car was held back in traffic along with her shooter, Chris, ....if there was only one shooter...possible disaster.

But no….Cath was on hand at the church photographing the arrival of the bride as Chris pulled up a few minutes later to hot foot into his position in the church so we missed nothing.

Something as simple as CHARGED mobile phones and separate charging packs so we can keep in close contact should such events arise...small details but so important..and so it goes on.  

And after your big day? We work tirelessly to edit the best set of photographs of your event. We even have two computers and a comprehensive backup system for your images. 

There are some great expressions in life and one of ours  is 'If you fail to plan then you plan to fail...'

Why does Cath say this? Well in her former life she was a police officer...it was so important to get things right and to get them right the first time around! Her team relied upon one another and always had each other's backs...and as a 'boss' you had to lead by example and get it right for all. 

Where does all our planning fit for you and your weddings..Well right up at the very top because we get one chance to get your wedding right first time…...and we do.!

Chris and Cath are wedding photographers serving Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire and all parts of England and Wales

Please do get in touch and we will help in anyway possible

By Chris Hobson

July 2, 2020

fail to plan, wedding photographer hertfordshire, wedding planning

Chris Hobson

About the author

My passion is wedding photography, and I am also a traveller to Australia which I have visited many times. In my spare time I support a charity called Hockey for Heroes for whom I have taken thousands of pictures over the years

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