wedding photographry hertfordshire

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographers. Our WHY?



wedding photographry hertfordshire

Why are we wedding photographers in Hertfordshire and beyond?

What drives us?

What makes us get out of bed, drive to a wedding, spend 10-12 hours taking 10,000 photos, and take 3-4 days editing them?

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We want you, the happy couple to look at these photos and say YESSSSSSS. Wow effing wow. You got it all. What incredible value for money!!

We want you to look back over the days, years and 10s of years and remember your wedding day and feel all fuzzy and gooey. Is gooey a word but you know what we mean.

We want you to look fantastic, relaxed and amazing. No silly poses or awkward moments.

We want you to see all the emotion and the looks of love that happened on your day.

Not just you but your family and friends.

When Dad gives you away we want you to feel his pride, love and happiness, that he is handing you over to a good person who will make you happy.

When your partner looks at you and love justs pours out and shines all over you. We want you to see that in your photos..

This is what we take photos of…………… and much more.

We are so passionate about this.

wedding photographer hertfordshire buckinghamshire bedfordshire berkshire

And this is how we do it. It doesn’t just happen you know.

  • Plan – we talk to you in detail about your day. The schedule. What is happening throughout the day and when.

  • We visit the venue and check out the best places for the amazing shots

  • We check the light, the timing, the day of the year, because  the light changes throughout the day and year. If you shoot a wedding in the same place at the same time but a different season the photos will look so different. The colour of the seasons changes throughout the year.

  • We talk with you about the group photos and who should organise them. We don’t know your family but we will know you, so it makes sense for a family member to gather the Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles ,nieces,nephews, friends for the family and friends group photos.

  • Backup. There are two of us with 4 cameras and 10 memory cards (each card holds nearly 2000 shots and the cameras writes to 2 cards at the same time so if a card fails we have a backup. If a camera fails we have a backup. If one of us fails, we have a backup. We have 2 cars so if one fails we have a backup. Basically we are backed-upped so we WILL get your photos.

  • We want to tell you a story about backup. Chris left Katie from doing the “getting ready photos”. The direct route to the church was over a bridge over the Thames river. A lorry had had an accident and the bridge was blocked. Chris turned around and the quickest route was 40 minutes. He arrived a few minutes behind Katie and the wedding was now 30 minutes late. BUT cath was already there and getting the photos of Katie’s arriving with her Dad. Chris skidded to a halt and rushed into the church, got his position and all was good. If there was only 1 shooter all those special moments of the bride’s arrival would have been missed.

  • After your amazing day we start editing.

  • We download all the camera cards onto our main computer. This is …… yep it is backed-upped. We never delete your photos…ever.

  • We flag/pick the best. About 600-800 of them.

  • Then we edit. This takes quite some time as we want to tell your story of the day with photos where you go WOW. We want you to say “I just don’t know which is my favourite. Is it when Dad saw me in my dress? When I put on my yellow socks with my best man? Was it when I first saw my partner? Oh god I just don’t know.”  This is what we want you to feel when you look at your photos.

  • We use the best editing suites that money can buy. Lightroom and Photoshop. We do lots of black and white as it has that timeless feel, that glam look that you see in the old movies and magazines.

  • So it is now day 3 or 4 after the wedding, and we are ready to deliver your photos to you. And?

  • You are sitting on the beach, scaling the Andes, lost in the Australian outback, visiting all the European capitals, touring around Scotland, scaling the cliffs in Wales, flying your kites in Cornwall. You get the picture.

  • Suddenly the email arrives……”click this link and see your photos”.

  • Grab a glass of wine or your favourite drink…sit back and be prepared to be wowwwwwwed

  • This is the moment that Cath and I are on tenterhooks. God..will you like them or not? Do you love them? 

  • The testimonials mean so much to us. We live for them, so please write one for us. This is one of the reasons why we are always learning listening planning. We look at an edited photo and think…does this do it? Is the emotion there? Can we do better ?

  • We want you to have photos which take you back to your day, and trigger all those happy amazing memories of love.

This is an insight into our thoughts, passions, and the reasons we want to photograph your wedding.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

Chris & Cath

wedding photographer hertfordshire buckinghamshire bedfordshire berkshire

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