About me

  • This is your most important day of your life.
  • This is the day when you want perfect wedding photos as you are not going to repeat it.
  • This is the day  you want to  enjoy with your family and friends.
  • This is the day that you want to remember forever. 
  • This is the day when you don't want to feel self-conscious in front of the camera.
  • How do you do the above?
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Hi, I'm Chris

I am based in St Albans Hertfordshire but I travel to all parts of the UK.


When I started my wedding business the following was the first line in my Mission Statement.

"I help you get natural and beautiful pictures of your wedding so that you forever have vivid memories of the love and happiness of your day".


My sister said it was cheesy? Maybe, but also true.

My photography journey began back in 1975 using an old Zenith film camera. Most of the photos were just awful, but some were not. No mobile phones then, and certainly no camera phones. The most instant pic was the polaroid, and ironically I am seeing so many of these at weddings these days.

From about the mid 80's to  early 2000 I hardly used a camera, and on reflection I am not sure why. I certainly took one on holiday but not much more than that.

My inspiration to get back into photography was my two kids who were into sport. I bought my first Canon digital camera in 2004, and I took 100s of 1000s of hockey and rugby photos, plus lots of landscapes and other things that moved.

Friends started asking me to take photos of their parties and events, and over time I mastered my skill.

The turning point for me and my previous career as a lawyer, was a 10 week trip to Australia, and I realised that my photos were good enough to sell to people.

In 2018 I became a full time professional photographer, having jacked in my career as a lawyer, and what a relief that was. No more commute nor 9-5, or in my case 8-10, just full on photography and it is fantastic. 

I cannot wait to capture your memories of your wedding from getting ready to the first dance, and creating photos that show all the emotion.

This is how you get wedding photos that you love, ones that make you light up every time you look at them, even if you usually hide when cameras are around.

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